Sunday, 29 June 2014


That hot summer night
When you held me:
The sky became bluer
The moon more silvery
The songs of the birds sweeter
The air fresher
My senses tossed on
The rising tide of desire
Emotion crackled in my
Heart like a dancing flame
Amusement rained down on
Me like an instant shower
My muscles reacted by
Melting under the pleasure
Of the contact and my feelings
Became Indescribable, unthinkable,
Unimaginable, incredible
Romantic and sweet
Your touch left me besotted
My honey you’re the very fabric of
Every lofty vision I had ever

Formed of my ideal woman.

 With you in my arms
Words were unnecessary
To say I’m in love because:
Words are unnecessary to tell
A blind man that it’s raining
Like words are unnecessary
To tell a deaf that there’s war
Just like words are unnecessary
To tell a mad man that the
Market is ablaze
Love’s radiations from me
Penetrated places words couldn’t reach.

So please come closer because
Because any time you’re near
My eyes danced in ecstasy and
Your delicate fragrance twine
Through my senses entangling
My mind like a silken rope
Please come closer so that
 I can show you how much
 I care for you because
Wherever you are there I’ll be
Like two peas in the proverbial pod.


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