Monday, 16 June 2014


When a husband and wife are divorced, they live with the stigma all the days of their life. Society sees divorcees as marital failures. They are regarded as men and women who cannot organize families. Some people might listen to their many self-exonerating excuses but not all.  Other people had the same problems but never considered divorce. Most people believe that divorcees lack the ability and self discipline to run a home. This dent does with the divorcees anywhere they set their feet.
            Secondly, the male divorcees are regarded as prospective wife snatcher just as the female divorcees are regarded as potential husband snatchers. The vogue is to treat divorcees with absolute caution. Such men and women have lost their innocence. Married couples are weary of them. They receive into their homes with apprehension before they negatively affect the marital bliss in their homes.
            Thirdly, divorcees lose intimacy with their children who according to the terms of divorce are in the custody of either one of the former partners. The

breakdown of family harmony and unity is the worst tragedy of divorce. The psychological trauma associated is irreversible. Children of divorcees are usually destabilized and disorientated. These negative factors give rise to immoral and criminal tendencies. Sociologists had claimed that this situation generates personality disorders and aggressive instincts.
            Fourthly, the future of divorcees is uncertain. Even when they remarry, the success of the marriage is unpredictable. Unusually history repeat itself and the marriage fail, because divorcees have premonition of failure and this mentality syndrome usually takes its toll. They require counseling to erase the phobia of failure.
            The best option is to avoid thinking of divorce. It is a catastrophe of monumental dimension. Happy marriage is not found in avoiding marital problems but rather in facing them and attempting to solve them.

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