Sunday, 1 June 2014


Many women are frustrated by the way the men they love behave. These tips might help you know things men like.
1.      Men like ladies with a good sense of humor.
2.      Men like teaching ladies new things. They are adventurous.
3.      Patience is very important when trying to attract a man.
4.      Most men don’t like ladies who are stronger than they are. Think of the women who always beat their husbands. Many regard it as a taboo. The men like to dominate not the other round.
5.      Men are more open than ladies. Women tend to be more secretive.
6.      Men don’t like to be out-shined
 by their partners. It might be selfish but it is true. This is why there is always problems in homes where the women are the breadwinners.
7.      Men don’t like girls who wear too much perfume. They tend to believe she might be hiding body odor.
8.      Men can’t stand ladies who don’t accept compliments. Though, such women are few.
9.      If a man says that he loves you, don’t subject him to questioning. Monitor his actions if you are in doubt. Men hate to be doubted.

10.  If a man cries in front of you, he is really in pain. Do what you can to ease the pain.

1.      A man’s threshold for physical pain is much less than that of a lady. Think of the pain borne by women during childbirth.
2.      Men like intelligent ladies; they have more initiative, of course.
3.      Men like good food. It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
4.      Men can do crazy things to get the ladies they love. Think of the guy who shot a US president to show the extent he loved her.
5.      Most men love their mothers.
6.      Men like ladies in high heels. High shoes have a way of giving women attractive pose.
7.      Men don’t like ladies that flirt with their friends. It shows the lady has low self-esteem.
8.      Men like ladies that are well groomed.
9.      Men like ladies who are available but not too available.
10.  Men don’t like dirty women. Clean and well dressed women are always pleasant sight to behold.

1.      A man will try to get a lady, even if she rejects him at first. Men derive excitement tackling and subduing difficult task.
2.      Men hate admitting they are sick. It is not a sign of a macho man; many men want to display.
3.      Men hate going to the doctor. Except a man is very sick, he keeps away from doctors and hospitals. Most times, they are encouraged to go to the doctor by their loved ones.
4.      Most men want children, eventually.
5.      Most men enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, football, camping. Most men are extroverts.
6.      Men don’t like ladies who pretend. It is more appreciated if a woman can be herself instead of pretending to be what she is. If the man discovers he has been fooled he is likely to end the relationship, or will never trust such woman.
7.      Men are flirtatious by nature. Try to be close to him so he does not see the need to seek other’s company.
8.      Men like slim, shapely ladies. This is not absolute. Some men like women with curves but not the obsess type. So a woman should endeavor to maintain acceptable shape if she wants to keep her man.
9.      Men like sexy ladies. This why attract most men in the first place before they start to see the other virtues of the woman. How a woman looks is important in retaining a her man. Infidelity is sometimes triggered by the unattractive look of their wives or partners.  
10.  Men enjoy lovemaking. When not satisfied with what is available at home, he heads outside. This is the greatest cause of infidelity. Once the wife can’t perform well in bed, the man is in most cases go out to satisfy their urge. 

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