Monday, 26 May 2014


Fragile look that comes
From years of not-quite-adequate
Nourishment the child has
Each day a brutal struggle
To survive.
In war environment created
By greedy and selfish leaders
A hand-to-mouth affair
With ragged arrogance

Looking like unchildlike child
With signs of physical exhaustion,

Depression and melancholy.
Raised from the mud and
Mire of poverty, starvation
And vicious abuse of power.
Beneath the brutalized surface
Is a sharp intelligence
Even when educated no jobs
No employment, no money

African child is not a bad child
But just one without adequate care.
Today being children's day 
May the fortune of African child
Change for better so that
He will see hope in his future
Not wars and despair
Not hunger and deprivation
Not weeping and gnashing of teeth
He is entitled to happiness and Joy
Good meals and clean clothes
Good accommodation and environment
It's possible if our leaders spend less
On wars, themselves and families.

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