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An ideal mother must be able to cope with crises. Immature mothers tend to collapse when a crisis occurs. If you experience crisis with regularity, you likely are not mature. You may be reacting to life instead of being in control. There are, of course, crises that descends on you, and you may have little or no control over them. Motherhood guarantees crisis situations. Learning from them, remedying their causes, and refusing to let them make you grouchy or even nervous are great achievements.
A mother is a disciplinarian. A disciplinarian teaches what is right from wrong and some guidelines for discerning what makes any given act or thought right. To be effective discipline must include establishing healthy controls not denial. A mother should hold her child to high standards, establish clear rules of behavior, and enforce these strictly and consistently. When the child misbehaves, she makes every effort to explain why the behavior was inappropriate. When reasoning fails, however, she does not hesitate to assert her authority. A mother should not enforce one rule at a time but let it slide the next time because she is tired or she wants to avoid confrontation. When she is not consistent, her child will see any discipline as arbitrary.
Cab driver

Taking children where they need to go makes a mother feel, many times, as if she is running a cab service. Schedule with your children enough activities to enrich their lives but not so many that both of you are over-burdened. Most times, it’s a mother that takes the children, to school, and brings them back. She also takes them out on picnics until they are of age to acquire a driving license.
Comforter and Grief Expert
Every mother need to be like that comforter during children’s pain – always available, soft, absorbent of tears, and usually quiet. While a child is in severe pain, they need no lectures but a shoulder to cry on and listening ears for the cause of their pains. They need to be able to talk and be heard, to cry and find a source of soft absorbent material, to even yell or hit something and find resilient shock absorber. It takes a great strength to be that comforter when one has her own perturbing issues to handle. After the severe period of grief is over, you may well after a few words of caring, you’ll tell her of times when you, too, experienced pain and some ideas about ways to get out of the strong emotions of grief. Mothers know their children and their individual needs and can recognize and circumvent impending anger or issues. Mothers should gently guide their children and encourage their burgeoning intellectual and emotional selves to ensure the children become self assured, and responsible individuals.
Fashion Expert and Seamstress
          It is the duty of a mother to dress her children to look presentable. The way your children are dressed can tell a lot about the care you are giving them. Not only do children’s fashions need to fit somewhat with those of their friends, they also need to fit their physical build. The height, weight, and coloring of a young child need to be taken into consideration when choosing styles and colors that are attractive and comfortable on them. Teaching children what colors go well with their eyes and hair, what styles suit them, and what colors can be mixed and matched is a great challenge, and it can be fun if a mother decides to do it with undiluted interest. It is easier, of course, if you start when they are young and trust your judgment. A good mother helps to teach her children especially the girls how to sew. This way they learn how to mend their dresses when they are torn or how to make new dresses of their choice. A sewing machine is always handy in many homes for this purpose.

Social Coordinator
          A mother should have social skills. She is a perfect organizer of children birthdays. She will buy the dress for the celebrant and cook the delicious recipe that will be served to make the occasion a memorable one. She should be able to plan family vacations, host dinner parties for friends and her husband’s business colleagues. Arrange play dates, and pretty much she can do to make sure the children have those things that make them happy.
          When a mother is social, her children will be proud to invite their friends home because they know that their mother will be equal to the task. A social mother is nicer, easier to be with and she is fun. This is very appealing to the children and their friends, and the mother will be grateful for that strong connection she has with her children.
Value Clarifier
          The benefits of having a mother in the home are to have someone care for children on a physical, mental and emotional level. A mother gives the children a sense for value. She helps them place value on things. Another benefit of a mother is having the female mother figure showcased in the life of the children. She takes time to show them the true value of things. Things to cultivate and the ones they should not. Femininity, a female role made and a female adult presence teaches a child how to recognize the difference between male and female and how they adapt to society and parental differences.
          It is the duty a mother to cook nutritious meals for her children. She ensures she feed them with the healthiest food that will guarantee they grow up properly. Most children learn how to cook from their mothers.



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