Sunday, 13 April 2014


Have your background been similar to that of the person you want to marry? This question is very important because similar living environment, religious affiliation, financial status and social standing tend to make adjustment easier. Dissimilar backgrounds tend to prolong the period of marital adjustment.
            Have you maintained friendly relationship with your parents? You have a greater chance of marital happiness if the answer is in the affirmative. If your relationship with your parents is platonic agreement in your choice of partner will not constitute much of a problem.
            Was your parents’ marriage a success? If the answer is no, you may not understand what it takes to make a happy home. The person who was reared in a broken home, however, has had an opportunity to observe the tragedy of disharmony, and may have develop such a strong determination to establish a happy home to offset the disadvantages of his unfortunate childhood.
            When spending time with the person you want to marry, does your conservation run along lines of mutual interest and common goals? If the answer is no, then there will need for a longer period of personality adjustment.
             Have you avoided making mental reservations with respect to your proposed marriage? The person who tries to keep his partner ignorant of facts pertaining to him is risking marital disharmony. It is better to inform each other completely, even at the risk of a broken engagement, than to run the risk of misunderstandings after the marriage.
            Will you be willing to defer to your partner rather than develop a misunderstanding? There are times when marital harmony demands a willingness to go more than halfway in order to give your partner the benefit of doubt.
            Are you willing that provision be made for discussion of problems of common interest?
            Have you met the parents of your spouse-to be and are you willing to assume the responsibilities coming your way? If you intend to make reservations in this matter, such reservations should be frankly discussed before the marriage.
            If the above questions can be honestly answered in the affirmative, then you can go ahead with the marriage without delay, from your own standpoint,
you have done your share to ensure marital happiness.

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