Thursday, 11 December 2014


Oh my beloved child
Bringing you into this
World of misplaced
Values resulting from
Materialistic revaluation
Of values where myopic
Thinking and misdirection
Of energy has led to
Escalation of hostilities
Instead of universal peace
Is a regrettable necessity
But I’ll do my best to guide
You; this is a place where
The strong are lords and
The weak their slaves.

Oh my little bundle of joy
This is a place where:
Evil is in perpetual struggle against good
Ugliness is leaving nothing to chance to
Lynch beauty
Ignorance is all out to give knowledge
A knockout
Falsehood has vowed to beat truth into coma
Hatred has given love a hammerlock
And war has given peace a sleeper hold
This is a place where people wear a coat
Of arrogance to hide their inadequacies
And the well-connected make a farce of

Oh my precious jewel
Don’t view the world through rose colored
Better the hut where you’re intoxicated with
Than the palace where you shed tears
Extol virtues such as: sincerity, forthrightness,
Tolerance, justice, truthfulness, and humility
Shun vices such as: indiscipline, corruption,
Waywardness and unquenchable quest for
Luxury and power.
Seek not easy way out of matters requiring
Perseverance, devotion and self-sacrifice
And you’ll bring the world to its knees.

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