Friday, 26 September 2014


Lies Some Married Women Tell

What some married women say about their marriage is most of the time the opposite of the truth and reality of what their life is. Her priest/pastor has taught her that ‘marriage is forever’ and that ‘marriage is till death, do you part’. Some people believe that all divorced women are loose and lousy. Here are some of those lies married women tell.
The lie: The best husband ever
The truth: My husband coming back to the world again? God forbid! If that wicked man is coming back to the world, then I am definitely not coming. That way there is no likelihood our path will cross, let alone marry. I have had enough of him for eternity. I know God is not wicked, so He won’t allow me to marry this heartless man again.
The lie: My husband never lifts hand on me
The truth: He is crazy. He usually uses me as a punching bag. He has removed two of my teeth and I had been hospitalized with broken noses before. His eyes light up when he’s beating me, as if he has gone crazy. He can win international award for wife battery. It’s not funny.
The Lie: My husband is the perfect gentleman; a typical husband every woman dreams of
The truth: Perfect gentleman, indeed. He has no table manners; he talks with his mouth full and doesn’t know difference between desert spoon and teaspoon. His composure in the public is appalling. If he’s not picking his nose in public, he’s eating his nails. He’s forever embarrassing me in public. What’s worse, the only topic he can discuss intelligently is football. He can’t name ten world leaders but he can tell you the names of the goalkeepers in the Premiership. He doesn’t love me. He forgets my birthday, comes home late on our wedding anniversary and has locked my mother out of our home before. I show concern for him as my friend and I communicate with him. I wish he would love me like that. He runs me down in front of my friends.
The lie: My husband is very faithful
The truth: This one? He is the most flirtatious man ever created. He punches my friends’ buttocks when he thinks I’m not looking. I have given up on him and accepted my fate. He has two children outside from two different women. This is the ones I know of, they could be others I’m yet to know of. He is a dog. If you put a skirt on an electric pole, he’ll wink at it. He’s insatiable. My worry is for my life. A man who has children outside his marriage is a non-condom-wearing type. And that makes me susceptible to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
The lie: I’m just still in the marriage because of my kids
The truth: Leave him and go where? Who will take care of me like he does? Leave him and forfeit my good life –summer and winter holidays wherever I want, contacts that being married to him gives me and the good sex? Not on your life! Sure, sometimes I feel like killing him but I’m not leaving him. Even if he wants to divorce me, I will resist it with all I have. In fact, he’d have to die to get rid of me. The advantages of staying with him far outweigh his flaws. Never mind the children angle, if I really want to go I can take them, can’t I? I’m simply not going anywhere , now or ever.
The lie: He has helped to promote my career
The truth: That man is always doing all he can to jeopardize my career. If you know what I have had to stomach to remain his wife, you will pity me. This man has come to my office several times to harass my colleagues, accuse my boss of sleeping with me. He is the kind of fellow who thinks he is always right and everyone else is wrong. The pillar of my life regularly locks me out of the house if I return home later than he wants. Right now we are in the middle of a major altercation because I want to go abroad to round off a PhD program and he has said if I go, it would be the end of the marriage.
The Lie: He is a great provider.
The truth: I pay the rent and the children’s school fees. The financial burden on me is too much and the emotional and physical stress astronomical. I am the one who makes sure he doesn’t lack anything but it is such a shame and I cannot tell anybody. This human being is lazy but he loves the good life. I am still around because if I leave today, everybody will declare me guilty, arrogant and a deserter. I wish things were different but I have to sustain this lie.
The Lie: His sexual drive is great.
The truth: He doesn’t want sex often. I’m lucky if he touches me once in a month. Even when he does, I never had an orgasm. I always ask myself, “Why doesn’t he know how to make me hot so I can feel orgasm?” after sex he always went to sleep, and I would cry quietly, feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t get satisfied. He is a busy man and all he thinks about are his business and golf. The tradeoff of having more money is less time for his family. He has consigned me to dustbin of celibacy. I am so horny, I feel like cheating on him. Can you blame me?
For the first few weeks, months or even years of a new relationship, things can be effortlessly wonderful. But sooner or later real life kicks in and the relationship. To avoid having to tell these lies, make sure you make the right choice. If your partner doesn’t care about you now, at the start of the relationship, things will go downhill if you stay together. Don’t imagine that moving in together or getting married is going to make it all better, because I can tell you that it will make it all worse.
Somewhere out there is someone who’ll care for you properly, in every sense. Don’t throw yourself away on someone who won’t. it will damage your confidence and your self-esteem over the year, as well as making you unhappy. So do yourself a favor and wait for someone better to come along.
Some women marry men thinking they’re going to change them. They wind up disappointed. Whether you’re young or old, if the person you’re marrying isn’t going to quit doing something before you are married, then that person is not going to quit after you are married. And if you don’t like the person just as he is, then you better forget it, because you’re not going to change that person.

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