Friday, 7 September 2012

Synopsis of Betrayal of Trust

Betrayal of Trust is a 76,000 word romantic novel. In recent times, there have been influx of illegal female immigrants, some of them minors from Nigeria into Europe; sponsored by human traffickers, who use all sorts of deceptive tactics to gain their consent only to force them into prostitution. Adesuwa meets Nosa Osawaru when he rescues her after she was raped and her eyes removed by the rapist to prevent her from being able to identify him in case of arrest. He pays for her sight to be restored and marries her afterward. But when his Electronics showroom worth millionaires of naira gets burnt, he connives with a human trafficker, Itohan Don Carlo to sponsor Adesuwa to Italy for prostitution, pretending she is going to work as a housekeeper. 
          Adesuwa is promised a housekeeping job as a smokescreen. Before leaving Nigeria, she swears to an oath never to reveal the identity of her trafficker to the police and to pay back the cost of her trip to Italy to Itohan with interest. Failure to comply she will suffer some grave consequences or misfortune to herself and/or her family.
          With visa increasingly difficult to come by and airlines refusing to take passengers without valid traveling papers, she’d to travel through illegal routes through the Sahara Desert to Libya. After, four months of repeated attempts, she embarks on a treacherous sea journey to Italian island of Lampedusa.
          In Italy Itohan subjects her and another girl, Osaro who traveled with her to maltreatments such as flogging and constant harassment before she succumbs to prostitution. Half of the money she earned is collected by Itohan as payment for her expenses and her other services. She faces a series of violence, but after a sexual maniac raped and nearly gets her killed, she returns to Nigeria to meet her husband naked in bed with her best friend, who is already carrying his baby.
          She feels betrayed and devastated. She leaves for Lagos to overcome the shock. In Lagos she meets Segun Bankole, a journalist of great repute from aristocratic background and a widower. He fails in love with Adesuwa but because of her experience with her estranged husband, she refuses to give in. She however, accepts to marry Segun after Nosa commits suicide after he is diagnosed of AIDS. He gets infested through unprotected sex with Osaro; Adesuwa’s friend, who is repatriated from Italy after engaging in prostitution for two years. 

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