Thursday, 2 February 2017

6 Signs Your Relationship Is Codependent

Ah, love. It can enrich our lives, provide meaning and support, and reduce stress. Healthy, intimate relationships can even help you live longer. But the pursuit of love and actually maintaining a relationship can sometimes be a source of significant pain in our lives. In other words: Love ain't always all it's cracked up to be.
Developing your own identity and solid sense of self can sound like a tall order. However, it is also the foundation we need if we are to develop a healthy relationship with another person. It would be ideal to have that in place first, but often people jump into relationships while they are still settling into their relationship with themselves. Thus, as you navigate relationships it's important to keep yourself in check and recognize some of the characteristics of a healthy relationship as well as the telltale signs your relationship is codependent.

Characteristics of a healthy relationship:

The main building block of any healthy relationship is respect—respect for yourself and respect for the other. This includes:

1. Accountability

Admit mistakes and accept responsibility.

2. Trust

Be a person of your word and try to give others the benefit of the doubt.

3. Honesty

Communicate openly and truthfully.

4. Cooperation

Ask; don't expect. Make decisions together, and find a mutually agreeable compromise when necessary.

5. Safety

Respect each other's physical space, and allow for absolutely no intimidation or manipulation.

6. Support

Be understanding and encouraging, valuing each other's opinions and choices.
The article is by Aimee Noel culled from Mindbodygreen.

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