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20 Things Every Woman Tries to Hide From Her Man

The core of every healthy relationship is respect, passion, and honesty, but despite her best attempts at complete openness, there are certain things a woman refuses to reveal to her man. If you think that you know your girl completely, then you’re gravely mistaken. A woman, no matter how much she loves you and lives with you, she still has a lot of secrets that you probably will never come to know. Here are 20 such secrets:
1. Her sexual fantasies
Both men and women have their sexual fantasies but she can’t to be completely open about her sexual fantasies because of fear of ridicule from you. She is mostly scared to talk about her desires in case you might find her weird and condemn her. Even though these fantasies could improve your physical intimacy and potentially improve your relationships as a result, she’ll keep them to herself except when encouraged. It takes a very secure woman to tell a man what she wants in the bedroom. Confident women realize that by sharing these sexual fantasies they will improve their relationship.
2. Her insecurities
She will pretend to be confident and will never tell you about how insecure she can feel at times and how ridiculous it can be. She will always tell you that she is on top of the world but she could be feeling deeply insecure that might even trigger her to be depressed. Rather than express her fear of failure she’ll cover it up with self-confidence and pride because she does not want to seem weak and fragile.
3. Secret of her flawless looks
A woman likes to maintain the façade that she is flawless feminine being but keep it a secret how she achieves that. What you see isn’t always the real thing; a woman spends a lot of time and money to ensure that. She wants you to keep wondering where the prettiness comes from that is why the makeups are applied without the men watching. While you may be smart enough to know it's the make-up on her skin, your woman might prefer to hide her anti-ageing cream, her under-eye make-up or her pimple solutions.
4. How much she stalk you on social media
In the contemporary world, social media makes stalking all too easy. Most girls stalk guys on Facebook, Instagram, etc before actually dating him. She tries to know what kind of person you are from your Facebook timeline and posts. She might tell you that she doesn’t care about your past women but she uses Facebook as the ideal social media platform to check up on her exes. It is for these most obvious reasons that she hides this from you. She will continue to creep and stalk most exes and lie about doing so, so as to spare your sensitive ego and getting you jealous.
5. How many guys she dated before you
While you may feel that your girl has divulged her most intimate experiences with you, she might be hiding the real number of her exes. Most women often think that their guy will not understand the reason and will think they are some kind of an excessively bold woman. They are afraid of being judged for their character, while others felt that sharing this information would make you feel insecure and jealous. She will tell you but not all of it. This is something really personal thing; some girls have many reasons to be with someone or leave them and be with someone else.
6. Pleasuring herself
Women do pleasure themselves. You might think that the only time your partner pleasures herself is when you are out of town or at the very least not at home, but not necessarily. She doesn’t need an empty house to get the job done; chances are pretty high that she has actually done while you slept beside her. You either didn’t get her satisfied or weren’t getting her subtle cues on how to get satisfied.
7. How much she earns
Most men don’t care how much their women warn but women hide it anyway. No matter how low or high she earns she wants to keep that to herself. This is worse with some women who earn as much as the man or even more but still want the man to pay all the bills. In some cases when the woman earns more than you she hides it for your pride and self-respect so that you don’t feel bad and if it is too low then it’s about her own self-respect and dignity. This one is tricky because even highly successful women could make the man seem inferior and this can be detrimental to relationships.
8. Peeing in the shower
Most women try to pee standing up, hence, a lot of women pee in the shower since it’s the only time they can pee standing up. She’s not going to do it when she is in the shower with you, but nonetheless, she’ll do it when she shower alone and don’t feel a bit guilty or gross for doing so.
9. How much she told her best friend
She likes to keep many things intimate between you two but her best friend her best friend knows more than you think. It is common knowledge that women almost always spill your little secrets to their friends. This is even truer at the beginning of relationships when she is closer to her girlfriends than you. If she had known from the beginning that your relationship was going to last she probably would’ve been more discrete.
10. If she wants to fart
Women are supposed to be beautiful creatures that wouldn’t dare fart without getting ridiculed but guys can do it anytime and she’ll just plug her nose and laugh. But no matter how much she hides, sometimes she needs to pass out gas or blow her nose. She’ll try most times to hide these bodily functions from you, but honestly, it would have been much easier if she didn’t have to do this. So please allow your women to pass gas without being ridiculed, it is complete torture to hold everything inside.
11. How much she is attracted to you
In order to keep the ego in check, no matter how much she is attracted to you, she will not tell it so openly but will keep proving it through her actions. She might let you take a guess now and then but she will never admit it openly and if something slips out unexpectedly she will feel embarrassed. Another reason for hiding her deepest feelings are that some guys take it the wrong way and start treating their girls like doormats so she feels she is giving herself a respect and dignity when she does this. Women will tell you that they love you and mean it with all of their heart but what they leave out is how deep that love goes and how much they can’t imagine their lives without you.
12. How hairy she is
Women have hair on their legs, arms and countless other places, but they go to great lengths to maintain the façade that they are naturally hairless and smooth skinned. You find her beautiful, pampered and non-hairy every time you go out on a date but cannot imagine how much she spends on wax just to get rid of every hair everywhere so that you find her spotless and smooth every time. She will not even let you see her eyebrow hair fully growth in case you start thinking she is masculine. It’s not fun, but she has to do it because she finds it extremely embarrassing if you see unshaven hair accidentally.
13. How much she thinks about the future
Even at the beginning of the relationship, women start to think about how their future would be with her current man. What kind of house would you live in? What many kids you’ll have? And the longer you make her wait before you propose, the more anxiety accumulates but she will never mention it to you. And if all her girlfriends get married before her then the more anxious she becomes but for obvious reasons she will never reveal just how frequently she thinks about it and how desperately she yearns for it to happen.. She may tell you subtly if she thinks you should get married but will not pressurize you because she is too dignified to force you to marry her.
14. How much she’s hurt
You might not know how some things that you say or do hurt her because most men simply don’t know how it feels to be truly heartbroken and may never understand how far the wound goes. She does not show it because she loves you so much but she does suffer in silence. This makes it pretty hard to understand how deeply a woman has been wounded by a breakup or destructive argument; especially after a break up. Some women spend months trying to get back on their feet real soon but you cannot figure out how hurt she was and how many nights she’d spent crying just because she tries to hide it from you. A woman’s hurt may dissipate with time, but she never forgets the feeling of true heartbreak and most time, she’ll never try to explain it to any man.
15. How often she checks up on her exes
Often than not, after breaking up, she still checks up on her exes through social media or mutual friends, but she will never tell you that because guys tend to take it the wrong way and become jealous. It definitely does not mean that she is interested in anything that is going on their life but a little curiosity. Most women hide their true feelings about the ex to save their current man from getting hurt or jealous or doubt her because she does not have any bad intention and the explanations that follow might end up in a big fight that could jeopardize the relationship.
16. Number of men she has slept with
No woman freely divulges how many men she has slept with. Even when you her how many men she has slept with, chances are she is probably going to lie because she wants to remain angelic and innocent in your eyes. Sometimes she doesn’t even mean to lie, it just slips out in the moment and then she has to continue the lie for years to come in order to maintain your trust. However, the most important thing is that you’re her current beloved, so in a way others are irrelevant.
17. How badly she wants you back in case you’ve broken up
She would never tell you how badly she wants you back because of her self-respect and dignity. She will keep a track of all most of your activities since you have been apart. She will not forget your birthday, your favorite food, your dislike for anything particular, the way you look when you smile, your fragrance and your touch or anything that you two did together. But no matter how much she will crave for you, you will never expose her craving for you.
18. How much she wants to check your phone
Most women respect their men’s privacy and want them to have their space because they expect the same from them but still sometimes the urge to snoop into their partner’s phone is overwhelming. Some definitely want to spy on you and does not trust you, but sometimes they do it out of curiosity which makes them to act unwisely. This has caused a lot of problems between couples.
19. How desperately she wants to look better than every girl you have dated
The competition between women is way too strong than you can even imagine. Your current woman will research and knows it on her fingertips how each of your ex looks like and she’ll want to look better than them in order to retain you. They want you to have the best experience of your life and do not want you to ever think of returning to any of your ex because she had better features.
20. The secrets of her best friend
Women treasure the privacy of their best friend and even if she loves you a lot and shares most of her details with you, she will try to keep her best friend’s secret away from you. This is because telling something secret about her best friend would feel like she is a betrayer.

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