Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Tips on How to Raise Successful Children

Children need love and protection and proper training in the first instance as they are vulnerable, helpless little creatures who are not capable and equipped to look after themselves. They have not yet developed into full maturity as to know the how of doing things for themselves and taking care of themselves and situations. Therefore these beautiful and innocent little angels need love and protection for the following reasons:
  • Their psychological, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
  • Happiness and joy.
  • Safety and security.
  • Inner strength, confidence and high self-esteem.
  • A life free of worries.
  • Securing a bright future.
Show love and care to your children. Love and admiration are built security in children. They need to be told continually that you love them that you admire their character, the good choices they make and their good attitudes .However, words are not enough. You must back words with actions. If a child knows that you love and admire him, he will then accept the fact that when you discipline him it is for his own good. He will realize that you have his best interest at heart.
Make sure you send your children to school, because knowledge is power. This will be the best legacy you leave behind. When they are properly educated they can always be able to take care of themselves.
-Spend time with your children. Today many parents spend too little time with their children. Many of them are very busy earning money and buying expensive gifts for their children; yet when those children become teenagers, many turn to alcohol, sex and drugs to satisfy their empty feelings created by lack of parental love. When both parents decode to work, they hire a girl to care for their children, but the girl cannot give them parental love. When the children become teenagers, they may get into trouble that then the parents will feel how they wished they could turn the clock back and spend more time with their children. Some day these parents who place materialism before their children will ask themselves, "Where have we gone wrong? We gave them everything." Children need material things no doubt, but they need the emotional security of love and admiration more. So find ways to spend time with your children even if it means earning less money. The most fulfilling job on earth is the job of being good parents.
Teach your children the words of God as directed in Deuteronomy 6:6-7, "Teach my law to your children. Teach them when you sit in your house, and when you walk along the road, and when you lie down, and when you rise up." Direct them to the scripture when they have problems and buy Christian books for them to read. There are many books written to guide and counsel children.
Bring up your children in a happy home. I have never known a child who grew up in an unhappy home being the best of behavior or the one who thought his home was a prison. When there is love between their father and mother they will know it. Therefore love each other a husband and wife so that they can conveniently say, "Dad and mom love each other, and they love us too. We can feel safe."
Teach by example. Children and teenagers learn more by what you do, than by what you say. If you are wrong, you should apologize so that you encourage this same trait in your children. Some parents behave one way and expect their children to behave differently. For example, the father who comes home drunk most times shouting at the son for using marijuana, or the mother quarreling with her children about poor driving, but she has just gotten a ticket herself for speeding.
Praise your children for whatever they do well and punish when they disobey. However, praise more than you punish. The three areas of discipline are progressive. First educate, then warn, and the correct. When correction is necessary it should not be done in a public place or In front of guests, or in front of the child's friends. Always try to be alone with your child to discipline. Remember that your objective is to bring the will of the child into submission so he will learn obedience, but not to break his spirit. 
Show interest in your children's activities. Attend their school functions when you can. If he plays football, attend the games, it will serve as a source of encouragement. Children will pretend they understand when you can't attend school functions, but it is disappointing to them when everyone's parents were there, and their own are not.
Keep communication open with them when they are young, and you will not find yourself outside their lives as they mature. During their teens is the most challenging age of children. They are no longer children and yet they are not adults. Emotionally they are unstable, with the girls beginning their periods and the boys coping with changing in bodies like developing deeper voices and growing bears. Their greatest need at this time is self-confidence. They require great understanding and patience and these come by way of love and acceptance.
Don't over protect your children. Don't take their side against authorities if your children are wrong. But don't side against them either. Assume the posture that they remain innocent until proven guilty. Trust them, but if they betray the trust, then punish them. Love your children but hate their wrong deeds.
As parents, it is your duty to teach your children to work. Boys need to be taught to do household repairs. Part-time jobs are important to teach the young person responsibility, initiative and submission to authority, and also to teach prudence. They are more likely to have a better respect for their spending of money if they work for it themselves. Boys should also learn how to do some domestic jobs like cooking and housecleaning. They will need the experience when they leave home and live alone or when their wives become ill after they are married. Teaching your children the value of money is a bit difficult to do when they believe you can afford to give them just about anything they want. But it is equally very important you don't make the serious mistake of indulging them. The girls should e taught to cook, sew, clean, shop, iron and even bake cake etc. they should be taught how to be good wives and mother. And the best to begin is when they are young.
Children learn manners by observing, but if you have children who are not very observant, you will have to make a special effort to teach them manners. This is best done at a young age. The girls need to be taught to be feminine and to behave in a manner that inspires boys to be courteous to them.
Pay special attention to your children's hygiene habits. An attractive person will be noticed, even sought after, without being unnecessarily loud.

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