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31 Signs You are in a Great Relationship That Will Last

 Relationships can be tough, and sometimes we may find ourselves wondering if the relationship will last in the long run, and whether or not it is worth the effort. It’s almost impossible to escape the desire to have an enduring relationship when all around are adorable couples. When you watch and see couples around you experiencing the “head over heels” type of love, you’ll realize how much being alone really sucks. The quest to find true love is always on the forefront of our minds. Unfortunately, there is no way to be certain, but there are things you can consider, steps you can take, and discussions you can have with your partner in order to gain a better grasp on how well-suited you are for one another, and where the relationship is heading. Those who commit themselves to marriage understand that what they are doing is a partnership for life, though they could be some challenges.
This is true that is why some people continue to divorce several times searching for perfect relationship. Good marriages are not an accident. If you want to have a great relationship with anyone, you have to deliberately work at it. When your friends are all getting married, you may become worried and as a result you settle for someone less than what you deserve. It’s become such a problem that you often forget what it means to find your one true love — the person you should be spending the rest of your lives with. So how exactly do you know that the person that you’re dating is the person you’re going to grow old with? Well, there are a few signs that could very well mean that you and your partner are meant for each other. Here are some signs that you’re in a relationship that may last.
1. He’ll support you
No matter how big your dreams may be, he understands and supports it. One of the big reasons people have relationships in the first place is because it provides a source of support. He’s the one who helped you with the hard decisions, the difficult emotions and the things you just can’t figure out on your own. He always gives the best advice, and he always knows what to say. When you’re up all hours of the night studying for an exam or trying to meet a work deadline, he’ll be right by your side, encouraging you.
2. You can be your absolute weirdest self with them
There’s nothing more liberating than being in a relationship where you don’t have to wear a faƧade every time you meet. The person you are when you’re alone is the exact same person you are when you’re with him. Having to hide an annoying habit or two from your partner might seem like a minor hindrance in the short-term, but in the long run it can end up destroying the relationship. Whether it be in a full on fit of anger or jealousy or a particularly troublesome bout of food poisoning, you've experienced each other with your guard down and remained totally unperturbed. You don’t change because your person would never want to change you.
3. He finds your quirks endearing

Are there things about you that people find incredibly annoying that he can’t help but find adorable? Your bad habits and weird quirks are not weird or bad in his eyes –the snorts, the nail biting, the lip picking and the eye squinting. The chances are that the two of you are in for a good run. There isn’t a person in this world that doesn’t have quirks. Being with someone whose quirks you find endearing and who finds yours adorable is an added bonus that not a lot of people get to enjoy. If you can’t fart in front of him, he’s not your person.
4. He really listens to you
Relationships that are going to last include two people who talk about things. I am talking about the important stuff like life decisions, good feelings, and bad feelings. Couples that talk together, stay together because they work out the problems before they become serious. You've horrifically, properly, full-blown cried in front of him and rather than be terrified by the apparent emotion, he just listened, held you, and tried to make you feel better. He will never forget what you say, when you say it and how you say it.
5. Playtime, Play Dates and a Strong Play Ethic
Making time to play or explore new things are essential to keeping the relationship pleasant state. Whether it’s sitting out on the deck at sunset, going to concerts, plays, lectures or walks, you need fun and lightheartedness to thrive. You are so comfortable with him; you can just do anything you want to when you are together; such as cooking a delicious dinner together, sleeping late on the weekend, volunteering together, setting aside a date night, or hiking a beautiful mountain trail. You don’t care to do many things without your husband. You just don’t enjoy being apart from him much.
6. He builds with you, not for you
He will never say, “I but we” or “You wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for me” because he works with you, as a team. Together, you build for your futures, not separately. He only wants the best for you and that is what you equally want for him.
7. You feel magic of laughing together
Research shows laughter has a positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing and can stimulate the release of the feel-good hormones, endorphins – so it’s not surprise laughing with your other half is on top of many experts’ relationship ‘to do’ list. He may know exactly how to turn you on, but he knows exactly how to make you laugh, too. Jokes also help people connect. Sharing a good belly laugh is a great way to improve work and personal relationships. And from a mental-health perspective, studies suggest that laughter can relieve depression and reduce feelings of loneliness.
8. You can sit in silence with them for hours
Silence doesn't mean you are growing apart. You can stay with him without talking if you are not in the mood and it will not be misconstrue as a slight. For a lot of people this can get uncomfortable and feel like a huge red flag. Instead, you feel an easy comfort. But when you’re with someone you’re meant for, these silences can feel just as comfortable as a colorful conversation.
9. You trust him, and vice versa
Build trust in your relationship. This is important for any long-term relationship.  If a couple want their marriage to be happy and successful, they must be able to trust each other implicitly. Nothing damages a marriage more than broken trust. If something has happened to undermine your or your partner’s trust, then steps must be taken to repair the trust. It’s hard to grow and prosper in an atmosphere of bitterness, resentment, and suspicion. When he tells you he’s having a night on the town, you don’t freak out and stalk around to find clue of what he is doing. No matter how long you go without seeing each other, things never change. There will be weeks you just can’t see your person, due to official trips but when you do, it’s never awkward or uncomfortable.
10. You find them as attractive as you did the first time you saw them
Physical appearance is important - you cannot find your mate repugnant and expect that to change.  Do you remember that little tingle you felt in your stomach the first time you saw him? That urgent rush of longing and desire you felt the first time he held you? The great thing about being in a relationship that’s meant to last is that this feeling only gets stronger over time instead of diminishing.
11. You've talked about your plans and are on the same page
Research on successful marriage has shown that couples who have shared goals together stay together longer. When you aren’t with the right person in a relationship, you two have different priorities. While you don’t have to be exactly the same, it’s important that your values and morals are aligned, as these will shape the direction of your life together. If you do have crucial differences that will impact your future together - be they religious views or attitudes towards money, you may not reach a way of living that will satisfy you both. You’re on the same page. Birds of a feather flock together.
12 .You’re not just partners, you’re best friends
He’s not only a lover but a full-time friend. If he knows all your secrets, weird habits, the chances are your relationship is doing pretty well. Having great chemistry as a couple is an amazing thing. Having your partner as your best friend is a magical thing. Couples who grow old together are usually the ones who are not only lovers but also best friends.
13. He never puts you down.
Every woman has moods. Your person will never let you feel like that for more than a minute because he will be there to lift your confidence and spirit right back up if he notices you are feeling downcast. He’ll at every opportunity make you feel special. Avoid criticism. If you want your relationship to last, do your best not to criticize one another, especially when it comes to personal things. You’re not perfect, and neither is your partner. It does little good to point out all of the things he is doing wrong.
14. But, you miss him immensely when he’s gone
Rather than being glad of the space, you genuinely feel like you've been apart for years after leaving the house at different times in the morning and getting back to your normal routine without him around. After being on holiday, you miss him when you're back to work. He will equally miss you when you’re swamped and just can’t find any free time in your schedule, he will never make you feel guilty about neglect. Instead, he’ll find ways to see you because he just misses you that much.
15. He lifts you higher to become the best versions of yourself
When you look at your life, your person will be the one constant that will always lift you higher, make you the best version of yourself and hold your hand down the road to success. One of the greatest things about being in a healthy long term relationship is that while you both accept each other for who you are, you aren’t shy about pushing your partner to constantly improve themselves.
16. He does little chivalrous things for you that really count
He’s more willing than ever to compromise when choosing what to do with his free time, as long as he gets to be with you. He doesn't hesitate to pull on his jeans and go to the corner shop to buy the groceries you're desperately craving.
17. You get over fights
Being in a healthy, loving relationship doesn’t mean that you’re never going to fight. We’re all going to screw up, make mistakes, regress, fall short and have lapses in our sensitivity to our partner. But you and your person don’t fight and there are never any blowouts because you two are so concerned with your lives together. You would never want to compromise that for a second. In fact, being in a relationship where you don’t have a full-blown argument few times a year is just not normal. The difference between every other couple and couples who are in it for the long run is that the latter’s fights never last more than a few minutes. They have learned how to apologize and forgive.
18. He's the first person you want to text or tell when anything happens in your life — good or bad. When you get a promotion, lose a family member or find a really good sale, your person is the first one you call. You tell him everything no matter how small, and he does the same to you.
19. You worry about them more than you worry for yourself
He always comes first. You are both always prepared to bail each other out of potentially awkward situations, or to save each other from boring conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as who gets the last food available or a split second decision of whether you’re going to donate a kidney if he needs a transplant, at the end of the day there isn’t a moment’s hesitation in your mind.
20. You want to share everything you experience with him
When you try a new restaurant or see a preview for a really great movie, you want him by your side to enjoy it with. It doesn’t take even a second for you to make the decision. The first one you think of is your partner.
21. Your happiness means his happiness
 If he’s unhappy, you’re unhappy. If you’re unhappy, he’s unhappy. Sometimes, you stop and laugh at how ridiculously in love you are, and how lame any outsiders would probably think you’re being. He will do anything to make your day because it makes his day, and vice versa. You know he is your special person when he notices the little things others just don’t. He makes the most of every moment you spend together, he finds the sunshine in all of the storms, and he remembers all the small details along the way. You know in your heart that it doesn’t matter what city, town, or neighborhood you settle down in, as long as you get to live together—forever.
22. You’re always honest with each other
He tells you the truth all the time. If that dress isn’t super flattering on you or those pants are just a little too tight, he’ll tell you because he wants you to be the best version of yourself. There are no boundaries in your love. Those in strong relationships allow the other to see themselves in times of vulnerability and weakness – confiding in them for comfort as well as advice. It’s a sign of mutual trust that you’re in this together.
23. He put up with your family and friends
Your person takes the time out to really get to know your family because he wants to become a part of it. He's really nice to your parents and he actually means it. He puts up with your nagging mother, your crazy sister or your overbearing father because he knows being a part of your life means being a part of your family. He treats your friends like his friends. This is a good sign that your partner is at least open to a long-term relationship.
24. You keep the flame alive
You fully understand why the most popular metaphor for passion is a flame, and you’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep the light burning as long as you live. You squeeze each other’s hands in that special, knowing way throughout any wedding you attend as a couple. It might not be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it.
25. No problem is too big for you to solve together
One of the clearest signs that your relationship is going to last is the mutual understanding that times might not always be easy, but that you are both willing to work at it every day. We are human beings and that means we make mistakes. It’s one thing to make the mistake but it’s another to admit you made the mistake and then attempt to fix it. Two heads are better than one, and when you and your person get together, there is no problem you can’t solve or any challenge you can’t face.
26. You weren’t looking for him; it just kind of happened
When you go out looking for something, chances are it’ll never happen. Your ideal partner just came to you, like you two were from the same star and were destined to find each other. No matter how old you are, you’ll always find your person if you are patient.
27. You share immense intimacy
Your longing for one another is an aspect of nature because God’s wonderful gift of sexual attractiveness is central to such purpose. You can spend all day in bed and get all-day-in-bed-sweaty and it doesn't seem to matter. You sleep much better when he's lying next to you. The presence of such attraction inside you goes to prove that you are with the right person.
28. All of your most cherished memories are with him
When you think back on your life, your favorite moments are always with him by your side. You wouldn’t be the same without him. The best part is you’ll have thousands of pictures to remember them, too. You start to see brighter colors and feel stronger emotions. You look back on the past years without him and think, “How did I ever live without him?”
29. No other couple’s relationship makes you at all envious
When you are with the man you can spend your entire life with, you will not be envious of other couples. When your friends complain about their relationships or slag off their boyfriends or husbands, you genuinely have nothing to contribute. You can only hope your siblings, friends, and cousins find the kind of love you’ve discovered. And if you do have kids, your greatest hope for them is that they’ll fall in love as hard as you did.
30. Urge of having kids
The idea of having children suddenly makes a lot more sense, even if you’re nowhere near ready yet. You want him to be father of your children.
31. You and your partner are in control of your relationship
This sounds like common sense but you’d be surprised how many relationships allow external forces to control things and that’s not always a good thing. It’s one thing when a friend expresses concern for your happiness but it’s another altogether when they try to control your life. This goes for parents too. Yes, it’s true that they brought you into this world but when you turned an adult, you became your own person. In a lasting relationship, things like controlling parents and friends are things that both of you deal with and you don’t let it get to you.

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