Thursday, 24 December 2015


Tracy was shocked to discover that her hubby of 10yrs, David Akingbogun, 43, left his 2 kids to secretly marry another woman in Nigeria on Boxing Day, 2014.

Heartbroken Tracy, also 43, says: “I still can’t believe he did that to us after more than ten years together.

The marriage was a religious one and not a legal one. So he hadn’t committed bigamy. His dad had 5 wives during his lifetime, so I suppose he thought he could do that too.”

Tracy was a single mother-of-two when she met David at a nightclub in March 2004, 3 months after he arrived UK.

David moved into Tracy’s home just 6 weeks later and Tracy was delighted to discover she was pregnant. Their son Kayode, 11, was born in December 2004 and they married two months later. Tracy says: “David read out a poem and told me he really believed in me and our future

together. From then on he called me Wifey.”

The next year they went to Nigeria to meet David’s relatives. Their second son Olalekan, 4, was born in December 2011. But two years later she found messages between David and a Nigerian woman. Tracy says: “One read: ‘When you were last here I wish I’d kissed you.’

I shouted at him, and wanted him to explain himself. He said she was someone he used to date before he came to the UK. He said it was nothing, they were just friends. I told him it was her or me. He said it was me, I was his wifey and that was that."

Then David announced he would have to go to Nigeria over the 2014 festive period. But, on David’s return, Tracy felt something had changed. Tracy got a message on Facebook from the partner of one of David’s friends in Nigeria, a woman Tracy had met when she visited.

She told her that David got married to another woman. The new wife, was the woman she’d caught him messaging 2 years before.

Tracy says: “I confronted him and he tried to deny it again but this time I told him I’d seen the photos. . . I told him to pack his bags and get out." David, on his part said: “I can do what I want. It’s nobody’s business. What do you want me to do?”


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