Tuesday, 7 October 2014


It is a common saying that people don’t appreciate what they have. Rather some will become jealous of other people’s assets, ignoring their own. It is not possible in life to have everything. No human being is perfect, so you should be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. Change the things you can and accept the things you can’t change with dignity. The insatiable nature of human beings especially women when it comes to their looks or God’s endowment made this survey necessary. This is what some ladies said:

“Well it’s hard to know what exactly the part of my body that guys is crazy about. Some say my eyes do the magic. They give me the impression that I’ve got the kind of eyes that would turn any guy on. Some others can’t stop talking about my shape. Some guys say a have a sexy carriage,” Evelyn said.

Sarah had this to say about what she felt is her greatest asset, “Some guys are crazy about my waist-line and flexibility.”

“I think it is my voice. Anytime I speak guys say I have got seductive voice. Some say the way I walk is romantic,” Pamela informed me.
“It’s my hips. Guys are crazy about my hips, even my female friends say I’ve got incredible hips. Guys can’t resist it, they keep coming,” Maurine said with a smile.
“Three things make me stand out. They are my looks, stature and above all my friendship. I know I have these assets but when the guys say it, it makes me feel good,” Clara accepted.

“I know I have a terrific physique. However, my boobs seem to be the center of attraction. They can’t take their eyes off my chest. They are always staring at that part of my body. The other thing that drives them crazy is my backside,” Selena said with confidence.

“My lips, of course. Men tell me they like my lips. They say I have kissable lips. Some of them say mere looking at my lips turn them on. I also have attractive hips. Guys say I look sexy and hot in trousers,” Sally proudly said.
“Men are crazy about my legs. They disturb me a lot anytime I wear short skirt. My legs are hot and sexy,” Juliet said.
So what is your own biggest asset? You have to say something. If you don’t know, find out and use it to your advantage and stop being jealous of others’ assets. You have yours, nurture it and men will come seeking for your attention.

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