Tuesday, 26 August 2014


 Some people believe that showing love to a partner is not very easy. For many people, after courtship and are married, they run out of steam and keeping up with romance becomes very difficult task. Married couples and those in long term relationships may have it even more difficult as the routines of life and joggling with the various issues of family, work and friends can be overwhelming, taking time and energy. There are those who also believe that being romantic requires a lot of money which they do not have to spend. This is certainly not so. You do not have to rob the bank to be romantic as there are several things you can do for your partner that will; not require you spending money. You only need to put on your thinking cap. It is important that you put some thoughts in what you want to do once you get the grasp of it, you’ll find out being romantic is not difficult after all.  
1.      Tell the other person that you love them.
2.      Give or get a hug.
3.      Make sure the other person feels important and respected.
4.      Kiss when people are looking.
5.      Kiss when people are not watching.
6.      Tell the other person that you care
7.      Hold hands
8.      Go for a long bike ride.
9.      Give a special present.
10.  Be there when they need a friend.
11.  Spend time together.
12.  Go see a film.
13.  Walk arm in arm in the woods.
14.  Make a special tape of love songs.
15.  Talk about your feelings.
16.  Share dreams with each other.
17.  Snuggle up together.
18.  Sit together in the park.
19.  Take a walk together.
20.  Go out for a meal.
21.  Have a picnic.
22.  Play a game together, such as long tennis, swimming etc.
23.  Give compliments.
24.  Relax in a Jacuzzi..
25.  Just be close.
26.  Go shopping for food.
27.  Cook a meal together.
28.  Touch each other in a loving way.
29.  Plan and go on a trip together.
30.  Bake cake.
31.  Go to the library.
32.  Visit a museum.
33.  Just be there.
34.  Find out what’s special for the other person and do it.
35.  Exercise together.
36.  Wash each other’s car.
37.  Go fishing.
38.  Take to each other.
39.  Listen to worries.
40.  Cut each other’s toenails.
41.  Choose a special favorite song.
42.  Listen to joys.
43.  Hold one another close.
44.  Catch their eye.
45.  Write one another letters.
46.  Talk on the telephone.
47.  Trust one another.
48.  Give and receive a ring.
49.  Meet each other’s family.
50.  Go hiking together.
51.  Make sacrifices for each other.
52.  Send chocolates.
53.  Respect each other.
54.  Hide a love note where the other will find it.
55.  Give each other sexy looks.
56.  Write a poem.
57.  Send flowers.
58.  Eat dinner by candlelight.
59.  Go to a concert.
60.  Watch the sunshine together.
61.  Remember anniversaries.
62.  Give each other pet name.
63.  Go sightseeing.
64.  Rent a video.
65.  Do things for each other without being asked.
66.  Propose marriage.
67.  Whisper something into the other’s ear.
68.  Be best friends.
69.  Have fun together.
70.  Go out dancing.
71.  Play music together.
72.  Flirt with each other.
73.  Laugh at something funny together.
74.  Be faithful.
75.  Impress each other.
76.  Make presents for each other.
77.  Wash each other’s hair.
78.  Watch the sunset.
79.  Go for a bus trip.
80.  Have a request played on radio.
81.  Send a funny card.
82.  Share plans for the future.
83.  Share private jokes.
84.  Make a list of things you like about each other.
85.  Read a book and discuss it.
86.  Meet each other’s friends.
87.  Find out what makes each other happy.
88.  Go for horse riding.
89.  Cook each other’s favorite food.
90.  Think about each other.
91.  Find out what makes the other sad.
92.  Share ice cream.
93.  Have your picture taken together.

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