Thursday, 13 February 2014


What does Valentine Day mean to you?
Some say every day is their Valentine Day
Giving and receiving love is every day affair
Others say February 14 is a special day
A day of giving or receiving love or both
The heart is a delicate organ therefore
Don’t be in too much in a hurry to give
Your heart away until you’re sure
Trust run in both directions, because
 You might not get it back intact, however
It’s a pleasure to be in love with someone
 Who sees the world the same way you do
True love span time, space and distance
As against out of sight out of mind
Practiced by many who pretend to be in love
True love is like an aching tooth
Painful sometimes but bearable
True love is the balm of understanding
That soothes a suffering soul.
To me Valentine Day is a day of love
A day to stop thinking of self but others
A day to think of us where one once
Thought merely of me.
Not a day of engaging in being carnal.
Let everybody that meet you on this day
Be happier for it
Smile to someone who is in pains today
And show that you care.
Give some assistance where you can
Contribute your quota in making
The world a better place.
Have a wonderful Valentine Day.

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