Monday, 23 January 2012


Intuition is an invisible guardian
Intuition is mute knowledge hidden
In the deep corner of the mind
Which is ignored by many who
Does not know its value
It occasionally seep into the conscious
Mind to give a sense of direction
Which every few follow, discarding
It as worthless. Follow your intuition
Because it makes no mistake
If followed correctly it can lead you
Out of the woods.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Marriage Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Many people know that marriage is not a stroll down Easy Road or bed of roses; it is more like a bumpy drive through human flaws highway. Marriage is difficult because it is the bonding together of two imperfect human beings. Becoming one does not mean becoming the same. Oneness only means, sharing the same degree of commitment to the marriage, having the goals, dreams, and mission in life as a couple. Achieving internal conformity in your marriage comes with engaging in unselfish acts.
 The young man, who for the first time asks the young woman whom he has admired so much from a distance for a date, experiences a considerable thrill when she accepts his invitation. As time passes and she accepts several invitations, he begins to take her willingness for granted.
            Then comes the time when the young man decides to ask the young woman to be his wife. He takes great care to make sure that the setting is ideal and that he has carefully thought out the words to use. And then as he receives the affirmative answer, in the style best suited to their individual tastes, he receives the thrill of a lifetime and assumes, for the moment, that he has now experienced the best that life has to offer.
            Early in marriage, some young women still live in a world of fantasy created by  romantic novels and distorted view of what married life should be. So when the couple has settled down to the routine of making a living, they begin to feel that married life had not provided all the romance that she had expected it would.
They could not help noticing the contrast between the very colorful pictures which the authors portrayed of married life, and the simple, almost monotonous life they lived in real life. Her experience with married life proved to be much less romantic than that which was described in her favorite romantic novels. The question that arises is,”Have I married the wrong person?”
At first these thoughts seemed innocuous, but they began to interfere with her initial regard for her husband. Instead of hurriedly brushing these wayward thoughts from her mind, she permitted them to take root, until she actually began to feel that she had been deprived of the better things that life has to offer.
She began to notice things about her husband that seemed repulsive. When a wife tends to look for objectionable features in her husband’s personality, she is sure to find them, for every personality includes not only favorable traits, but certain unfavorable ones.
If you are like the woman described above you must admit to yourself that selfishness was the fundamental basis for your discontent with your married life was her lack of appreciation of the young man she married. Had you been thinking unselfishly in terms of your partner’s success and your combined development, you would not have found occasion to harbor the critical thoughts which now occupied your attention.
The attitude of feeling sorry for yourself brought you to the climax of your mistaken and mischievous delusion; where you actually began to contemplate the taking of steps by which you would break up the marriage, so that you could be released from what you now considered to be an unfair bondage.
They were about six months into the marriage when Barbara began to feel that Maxwell was withdrawing from her. He was working longer hours, and when he is at home, he spent considerable time with the computer. When she finally expressed her feelings that he was avoiding her, Maxwell told her that he was not avoiding her but simply trying to stay on top of his job. He said that he was under pressure and how important it was that he does well in his first year on the job. Barbara was not happy but she decided to give her husband some time to see if things will change.
One thing you must know is that an individual can either make or destroy his own happiness. Happiness is a byproduct of life. It comes as the result of living actively and unselfishly. It comes as one learns to spend one’s energies in the interests and the benefit of others. It comes from focusing attention on those things which are wholesome and desirable rather than looking for the things which are unpleasant and disappointing.
Of course, there may come, certain disillusionment as a young couple observes unfavorable traits in their personalities. There may come, disappointments because of the development of poor health or manifestation of certain inadequacies. But in the marriage vow, the couple agrees to accept each other “for better or worse” as long as they live.
            An important principle of successful marriage is the ability to become reconciled to a disappointment at the earliest possible moment. Persons who are able to make a healthy adjustment to bereavement; to a financial loss, succeeds in extracting  from life  the best it has to offer than are those individuals whose personalities are crippled as a result of some unexpected tragedy.
            It is young families like this that their wedding marks, more or less, the end of the thrilling companionship which they had enjoyed throughout courtship. Actually, there no marriage which can qualify as being one hundred per cent perfect, and this should incite a young person to investigate those qualities which are known to have a bearing on the success of marriage and to make a concerted effort to act wisely in choice of a life partner. Prayers for divine guidance in the choice of life’s partner should not be disregarded.
            Donald Kaufman wrote that, “A good marriage is a contract between two persons but sacred covenant between three.” Making God a part of your marriage adds a powerful strength to its foundation, because as it is written in Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A cord of three is not quickly broken.”
            Even in a perfectly happy home there arise certain complexities that require intelligent handling lest they take on the proportion of a major problem. The fact that these complexities develop cast no reflection on the quality of the home relationships. They are not the result of negligence or of evil design. They are simply products of human existence and are characteristic of every family situation.

A Tribute to Godswill Akpabio

Godswill is one of Nigeria’s brightest stars
Distinguished politician with impeccable
Reputation for turning ordinary metal to gold
Intellect per excellence
A good head on his shoulders
A builder, tactician, philanthropist, workaholic
An orator, eloquent speaker
A paragon of patience and courtesy
With the ability to extinguish the fire of
Controversy before it’s completely

Out of control
Good man with the best intentions
For his people; the Akwa Ibomites
No matter the tactics employed by his
Opponents he’d always landed on his
Feet not his back
I doff my hat for a great achiever of our time.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The First Lady and the Other Woman

Mr. Fox, the president was a shallow and callous, though not without good reason. Many people possibly knew those reasons, understood and maybe even forgave. He was feared by wise men and women.
But there was one woman whom he genuinely liked and with whom he could relax, though he never confided in her. They had just a physical relationship. Her name was Patricia, and he met her in Marine State when he went on campaign. She was one of those hostesses, Jackson, governor of Marine State organized to attend to the president hopeful and his entourage.
It had become a convention for the host of political activities to provide female companionship to visiting dignitaries. It was a practice that went far back in history; both to make potential deals for the future in the case of Mr. Fox and for the guests to relax. A man sated by a skilled woman would not often be unpleasant to his host in the present or future and it was a common belief that some men’s tongues were loosened along with their belts.
The young girls came willing, forbidden to reject any of the special guests that showed interest in them, and were paid in advance. They were there to be picked up. Most of them were from many higher institutions in the state capital.
Knowing the game, Mr. Fox was efficiently confident of the possibility of going with Patricia. He had the three interests: politics, golf and women. She was twenty years old while the president was sixty years old. She was overwhelmed by being with the potential president and ignoring his age, allowed herself to be seduced.
 He was used to this kind of arrangement since he became a high political figure. Patricia was overcome by his worldliness and his tact. She thought he was the most remarkable man she had ever met. His libido was high for his age. She came to this conclusion after they made love tenderly and thoughtfully.
The truth was that Patricia loved the way Mr. Fox made her feel, and the way he flirted with her. When she was with him, her self-esteem soared. She was frighteningly beautiful, she was fun and above all her interest had nothing at all to do with money. There was certainly a glow about her whenever she was around him. The sort of glow saw on the face of a girl who is in the company of an individual who has engaged her affections. She liked to think of herself as the girlfriend of a potential president and that was enough for her. She took to dressing well to please him. This attracted Mr. Fox more to her. He lavished money and attention on her at the expense of his wife.
 As he was driving Patricia around Abuja on her first visit, they drove near Aso Rock. “One day that’s going to be my home,” he told her. And indeed it was. Immediately he was sworn as president, he bought a house for her in Abuja and a Prado jeep and asked her to relocate, which she did with a lot of enthusiasm.  Any time he could create the slightest time he spent it with her in a secret location. She was perfectly formed. Her breasts were full, lush, and beautiful. Her beauty was envied by many women.
Patricia falling head-over-hills in love with him was all his doing. If he hadn’t had such wonderful touch, and if he hadn’t had such a disarming smile, and if he hadn’t been such a handsome man, she wouldn’t have taken the time to notice and forget every other men she had met in her life. Whenever they were together, she felt the heat from his body and still inhale his clean male scent which made her light-headed.
Patricia dominated the president to the chagrin of his wife. She believed that when the work was done, he should spend the nights with her. It would be nice to fall asleep in his arms, to feel him pressed against her during the dark hours of the night. She liked the way he touched her, kissed her and make love to her before he began preoccupied with his political ambition. He understood why he was unavailable during the campaign period or come back most times late and tired. This was the period most serious political decisions on his political career were being taken by the party and the electorate and for him to be relevant he had to be in attendance in all political activities.
Now the he had become the president the situation was now worse. He rarely came to her anymore. Even when she went to his bed, he complained of tiredness. It did not take a long time before the grapevine revealed that the president was having an affair. Before long she was able to find that Patricia was the problem. She swung into action.
She sent a thug to warn her to keep off her husband in her own interest. This not withstanding, Patricia paid deaf ears. The next visit from the thug sent Patricia to the hospital. The thug gave her a strong warning that should he have any reason to visit her again she would not live to tell the story. She was discharged after ten days. During their time together, Patricia discovered that the old man was vibrant, both in looks and speech. His opinions were hard as granite, his patience slim so she was afraid to tell the president what caused her hospitalization. She lied that she was involved in an accident.
Nkechi confronted her husband. After this, his relationship with Patricia became untenable. The president was afraid the scandal would cause so he tried to keep away from her. The case of a US president was fresh in his memory. He knew that he could no longer afford to be seen with her now that his wife was aware of the relationship. Patricia started to suffer neglect. The first lady became more vigilant and warded off unwanted female friends of the president. Patricia became depressed when a week passed and Mr. Fox had not phoned her.  Patricia would probably have been happy to let their relationship drift along forever without marriage, but in fact the death knell was already sounding. Patricia is still suffering from heartache and has vowed not to have anything to do with any other man. How long she would be able to sustain this resolution is what everybody that knows her is waiting to see. Do you have any advice for Patricia?