Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Why Should Women Prefer Playboys to Caring Men

“My name is Gerald and I'm 25 years old. Lately I've been having some issues with my fiancee and it's really starting to get to me. I'm a nice guy, with a good job, and I actually have respect for Bianca because I love her. But for some reason she has dumped me for some asshole playboy, that would never treat her half as good as I can. I just don't understand if I'm doing something wrong. I always open the car doors for her, I always offer to pay when we go out to dinner, and I’m always there when she needs me. I think I'm a pretty great catch, but I’ve been dumped and I am heart-broken! I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. Is it true that girls only like to date bad boys? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? I'd appreciate some advice from you. Anything would be appreciated. Why do women love playboys?” he asked me.
This was what happened between them:
“You’ve not answered my question. Are you and, Desmond dating?” Gerald asked.
“I’ve told you it’s not true. It’s all lies, a figment of the writer’s imagination,” Bianca explained.
“Are you sure about that?” he asked skeptically.
“What do you mean by that? I should know who I am dating.”
“I don’t like what is happening,” Gerald complained.
“Whether you like it or not is none of my business. In fact, you are getting on my nerves with your nagging. If you don’t like the situation, you can leave,” Bianca said.
“Bianca, are you telling me to leave your house?” he asked incredulously.
“Yes, I’m sick and tired of your complaints about Desmond. Anyway, I need to rest as I have to be on location early tomorrow morning.” Picking her cell phone from the center table, she went into her bedroom.
Gerald sat alone in the living room for a few minutes, thinking she would come back. After a while, without any sign of her returning, he went home.
The following day when he called her, she was busy on set and could not speak with him. “She’s shooting some scenes right now. I’ll tell her you called,” stated an assistant on set who had her phone.
It was a week later when he was able to speak with her. “It’s like I need visa before I can see you these days,” he said.
“I’ve been busy. I’ve just finished with one production and will be starting on another soon,” she explained nonchalantly.
“So, when can I see you? Should I come and pick you up this Saturday for a date?” he asked.
“I’ll be busy with rehearsals. Maybe some other time,” she said. Actually, she had been invited to the birthday party of a popular actress whom she had worked together in a few movies and had become friendly with. She was going with Angela and Desmond, who had offered to be her date for the evening.
She enjoyed the party but it was Angela who seemed to have the most fun. “I can’t believe my eyes! So many of my favorite actors under one roof! This is paradise. My colleagues at work will be so jealous when I tell them what I’ve seen today,” she declared.
Bianca laughed at her high spirits. Taking her by the hand, she led her to the celebrant and did the introductions. Later, she left with Desmond for another bash on the Island. They were there till the early hours of the morning before leaving for Desmond’s residence.
Later that morning, Angela called to find out where she was. “I’m at Desmond’s house,” she answered. “What? What are you doing there? Aren’t you coming home?” she enquired.
“I’ll come later,” she stated quickly, before hanging up.
It was two days later before Bianca returned home. Desmond had dropped her off and after he‘d gone, Angela said, “Bianca, what is going on? Where have you been?”
“Are you that daft? Can’t you understand I’ve been with Desmond?” she countered, stretching on the couch in the living room.
“I suspected as much, but how about Gerald?”
“What about him?” Bianca retorted.
“I thought you are dating Gerald?”
“Gerald is a big boy, he’ll get over it,” Bianca said.
Angela shook her head. “I don’t know what has come over you. Anyway, I hope you know what you are doing. You know that Desmond has a bad reputation with girls. I don’t want you to be hurt,” Angela said, sitting at the arm of an armchair nearby.
“He’s hot on bed. And he’s not as bad as people think. He got that reputation because of some of the roles he plays in movies. He’s quite a nice man and I think I love him,” she stated confidently. Desmond had the reputation of being hot, good looking, scruffy... but also cocky, arrogant, inconsiderate, inattentive, and almost unfeeling… and women flock to him.
“Love? Just be careful,” Angela said, as she picked the remote to put on the TV.
As time went on, her relationship with Desmond waxed stronger. He treated her well and she was quite happy. The only problem was his relationship with other women especially his numerous fans. Because of his fame, they were always hanging around him wherever he went. This was besides all the calls and text messages they kept sending. He tried to make her understand that it was part of being a celebrity.
“You shouldn’t bother your head about them. They keep calling, begging to be with me. Do you know some even offer to pay money so they can spend time with me? There are some crazy women out there,” he stated, laughing. “But it is you I want to be with. So, don’t worry your pretty head about them,” he added, hugging her closely.
She believed him until she began to hear rumors about him with other ladies including some actresses in their industry. But whenever she confronted him about it, he would deny. “Would you rather believe in rumors or me? There is no need for you to be jealous. You should learn to trust me,” he said.
Despite his reassuring words, she still had her doubts. He had been seen with different girls in different parties and social events, she did not attend.

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