Saturday, 11 October 2014


·         Teach him to put a price tag on everything and he will put his integrity for sale.
·         Teach him never to take a stand and then he will fall for anything.
·         Make him believe that winning is not everything, that it is the only thing and he will make every effort to win by hook and crook.
·         Give a child everything he wants right from infancy and he will grow up believing that the world owes him a living and everything will be handed to him on a platter.
·         When he picks up bad language, laugh at him. This will make him think he is cute.
·         Don’t ever give him any moral or ethical values. Wait until he is 21 and let him “determine his own.”
·         Give him choices without direction. Never teach him that every choice has a consequence.
·         Never tell him he is wrong he might develop a complex. This will condition him to believe that society is against him when he gets arrested for doing something wrong.
·         Always pick up things that he leaves lying around –books, shoes, clothes and so on. Do everything for him so that he will learn to push all responsibilities onto others.
·         Let him read, watch and hear anything he wants. Be careful what he feeds his body, but let his mind feed on garbage.
·         In order to be popular with his peers, he must go along to get along.
·         Quarrel frequently when he is present. This way he won’t be surprised when things fall apart at home.
·         Give him as much money as he wants. Never teach him respect for the value of money. Make sure he does not have things as tough as you did.
·         Provide instant gratification for al sensual desires such as food, drink and comfort. Deprivation can cause frustration.
·         Side with him against neighbors and teachers, as they are prejudiced against him.
·         When he gets into trouble, excuse yourself by saying, “I tried my best but could never do anything with him.”
·         Don’t put your foot down because you believe discipline takes away freedom.
·         Prefer remote control to parental control in order to teach independence.

      Culled from You Can Win by Shiv Khera.

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