Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Learn to enjoy what you’ve got
Have courage to face the truth
About yourself.
Admit unpleasant truth about
Joy is allowing yourself to be you
If need be change your behavior
But not just to suit others
Validity of any matter is not
Dependent on the number of
People who accept or reject it.
In the face of intense opposition,
Ridicule and antagonism, self-doubt
Loss of self-confidence may set in.
Don’t be swayed by oppressive
Noises of the crowd if right
Because you’ll be eventually
Realize you’re great as you are
You’re worthy of love, acceptance
And happiness as you are
You’re unique and special as
You are
You don’t need to do which does
Not agree with your innermost
What you’ve now is enough for
Happiness might not come with
Acquisition of those things you
Look forward to
Every new acquisition soon fades
Into insignificance and its radiance
Fades into a gray dullness
The more you have the more you
Believe in yourself and everything
Fall into place.

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