Friday, 11 April 2014


Once I was invited to one of those
Parties where whiskey and wine
Flowed like Atlantic and Pacific together.
Champagne bubbled in the cups as
Laughter bubbled in the eyes.
However, there were people with
 Nothing to eat let alone drink
malnutrition was holding hostage
But here
Tables constantly changed
Burdens, and men and women
Painted themselves with
Hard currencies
Manufacturers couldn’t procure
For business transactions.
A stranger I was
In this uninviting world of
The excessively rich
Where gold reigns supreme
With no thought for the have-nots
But here I was
Making guarded conservation
With people I didn’t like
In a place I didn’t belong.
Conservation with people
Who were on their way up
Or already there
Not by creativity
But by being smart
With their fingers helping themselves
With money meant for all or knew
Somebody important or knew somebody who knew 
Somebody important
So disgusted was I that
Many didn’t quite know
What to make of me and
Who could blame them
I didn’t pass the dress code
And most times I didn’t even know
What to make of myself.
I did however, know what to
Make of most of them;
There were men and women
Who extinguished
The light of hope
Of my people and when asked
Explained that all hands were never equal

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