Saturday, 29 March 2014

Pulling into a Shell

With every fiber of Your being
You wanted to know what it
Was like to laugh and flirt
With life
With reckless abandon.
You yawned to experience what
It was like to stand close up
Up to a man or woman with a white smile
Incredibly cocooned by the
Warmth and security of his/her
Wonderful auric energy
His/her care and protection embracing
You like the warmth from sunlight
Looking down at me tenderly and
Whispering those magic words
I love you and mean it
Causing a flight from reality.
You used to dream about a great
Togetherness and was sure
That you’ll achieve it, yes
The world of dreams you believe
Would be part of your everyday life
But life can be a lonely road until
You have a partner to take
The journey with you because 
Some partners you started with
Will abandon you along the path
And you wake up in an empty bed with
An empty day stretching before
You and nothing to look forward
To but empty weeks, months and years
You wanted to know what it would
Be like to lean your head on
Your partner's shoulder, and feel those
Large, capable hands on you but
You feel excluded from something vital
A foretaste of  feeling of abandonment
Everything around you
Lives and breathes of togetherness
And family but
You're still yawning to feel someone's touch
 That affectionate regard and passion.
But as loneliness steal over you
With veiled envy you watched
Young couples strolling together
Stealing kisses when they thought
No one was watching.
Love is the answer to pain and
Loneliness, suffering. Because
As misery thrives in solitude so
Does happiness thrives in company
I’ve learned to close my eyes
And conjure up cherished images
To banish my loneliness, so you can
This was the solution to the
Problem that stemmed from the
Complicated inner geography of
My heart. 
Put it to use
Meet other and not withdraw within yourself
Like a turtle pulling itself
Into its hard shell.

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