Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Synopsis of The Traffickers

Drug trafficking has been a big problem in Nigeria and all over the world because of greed. Ray inherited a lot of money from the father but wasted in extravagant living. Soon the money is gone. He becomes frustrated, hopeless, and desperate. This is his situation till he saved Melanie from the rapists. She introduces Ray to her father who is a drug baron. Graham Bello hires Ray as a drug courier. Ray promises to marry Melanie but when he meets Anne he dumps Melanie like a used rag. Ray introduces Anna into drug trafficking. On the last trip to US before their marriage, Anna is arrested. To save herself, she decides to mention the names of the drug barons in Lagos if she can be set free. The barons decide to kill her before she talks. Ray gets to know about the plot and decides to rescue Anna. He rescues Anne out of the cell and plants a dead body in her place. He smuggles her out the country to London.
Mike who Anne dump when she meets Ray now in London after he inherited his uncle's publishing company sees someone he feels is Anne and decides to investigate if Anne really died or she is the person he saw in London. Mike gets kidnapped by Graham's bodyguards ans discovers that Anne is alive and lives with Ray in London.
The day of wedding with Melanie, Ray fails to show up. Melanie becomes devastated. She later commits suicide. Graham Bello woes to kill Ray. Graham hires Stone to kill Ray and Anne. Stone succeeds in killing Anne but not Ray. Ray returns to Lagos to revenge. Graham bodyguards subdue him and gets him properly beaten and locks him up.Mike later rescues Ray. They both decided to expose Graham for what he is. After the first edition of the magazine telling the story of how Graham is a drug baron. Graham sends Stone back to London and killed Mike. Ray gets arrested by the police when he killed Stone. He confessed to all he has done and the police decide to arrest Graham. In the process, he shot a police officer and he gets shot by the officer's partner. Ray later becomes a born again Christian and becomes employed by Narcotics department of the police to fight drug trafficking. Comments are welcomed.

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